Can I Use a Personal Loan for Making a Home Loan Down Payment?

Can I Use Personal Loan for Making a Home Loan Down Payment

There is a lot of work involved when it comes to buying a house. First, you need to shortlist the property, hunt for loans, and stand long to the procedure of the home buying process. One thing that bothers me the most when it comes to buying a house is the down payment. Down payment is the most important part, while you are making a buying decision for your house.

When you start house hunting, start the day by checking your credit score. Checking credit score will get you going and you will come across many offers made by the developer and the banks like 5% down payment only, pay only 1% and get 99% loan on the property, etc. SBI home loans provide maximum eligibility for your home loans. What they do not mention in their advertisement is that the loan approvals are subject to your bank statement and your financial capability. Sometimes the offers mentioned above are on the property value not on the total value of the flat or property which includes government charges, stamp duty, and registration.

Can I Use Personal Loan for Making a Home Loan Down Payment

Now imagine, you are in the process of buying a house and come across an advertisement that mentions 99% funding on the total value of the property. You visit the site and like the property location and so and book the property by paying 1% of the price. The developer seeks the documents required and starts the loan procedure. After a couple of days, you receive a call from the bank saying we cannot process your loan because of your low salary and you cannot opt for a 99% loan. The maximum eligibility is 80% of the total value of the property. Now you are in a fix on what to do and start finding options to fill the 20% gap on your house price.

You speak to the developer for more time and the developer gives you a suggestion to take a personal loan towards your account and make the 20% down payment. Is taking a personal loan the right decision considering a home loan is on the horizon.

Today we will explain to you if taking a personal loan for making a down payment for your house is the right choice.

Mostly taking a loan for making the down payment is never a great option. If you are short on funds, try seeking help from your family and friends before considering a personal loan as an option. A personal loan is also debt and is one type of unsecured loan which can be hard to handle sometimes. If you are taking loans for a down payment understand that you will repay this loan as well. This means you will have two EMIs to pay. You may have pre-approved loan offers towards your account which may give a personal loan without cibil check.

Before thinking of taking a home loan, it is always suggested to clear your existing debts and make room for more salary to be credited to your account. This practice can help you get maximum home loan eligibility. For example, if you take a personal loan worth 5 lakh rupees the EMI will be around 15,000 rupees with a tenure of 5 years to pay back. On the other hand towards 15,000 rupees you are eligible for 15 Lakh rupees home loan with a tenure of 15 years. This way you can maximize your chances of eligibility during availing of a home loan.

Other options

There are other options in the market apart from taking a personal loan but a regular credit score check keeps you aware of the other options available as well. There are various mortgage loans, piggy bank loans, retirement funds loans on your parents, etc. The best option in this situation is to opt for a down payment assistance program, this is usually given by the developer considering your financial statement and post-dated cheques.

Buying a house comes with lots of challenges and if you are ready to dive into this unknown pool, you better have a life jacket handy to get out safely without damaging your financial reputation. So get your  with us now.

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