What Happens If You Overpay Your Credit Card?

Overpay Your Credit Card

Do you often worry about your credit score? The CIBIL score plays a significant role in every individual’s life. Just like a good score, a bad one, too, has wide-ranging consequences. And that is why one must find a reliable and top-rated credit repair company to increase their score without any hassles.

But what happens when you overpay your credit card? Although paying for the credit card might be a simple process, you might end up paying a little extra to the bank. In such instances, you must never panic. 

You aren’t going to lose any funds, and do not worry about your CIBIL score. Instead, you need to know a few details about credit card companies to understand how this works out. Confused? Read along to find more answers to your query. 

Reasons That Lead to Overpayment Issues

Overpaying your credit card is a common occurrence and can happen due to multiple reasons. Here is a list of the top reasons that can lead to such overpayment credit card issues for your reference:

  • While Receiving a Refund
While Receiving a Refund

When an account receives a refund for any purchase, the amount goes directly back on the credit card. And that can lead to overpayment if the user has already paid for that particular purchase. Although it doesn’t directly link to CIBIL score improvement, you need to keep a close tab on such refunds. 

  • Duplicate Manual Payment
Duplicate Manual Payment

The lag time between a payment and the processing time can lead to duplicate manual payments on your credit card. Sometimes these payments can require a few days to process. However, such duplicate manual credit card payments can lead to overpayment as well. 

  • Automatic & Manual Payment

In general, the automatic payments do not process if you have made the payments regarding the bill. However, as already highlighted, sometimes, due to the lag time, both manual and automatic payments can lead to overpayments. 

Automatic & Manual Payment

Other than these causes, sometimes, a mistake regarding the payment amount can also lead to overpayment issues. So, in any of these cases, what should the user do? Find out in the next section. 

Steps to Take After Overpaying Credit Card Bills

Now that you know that many circumstances can lead to overpayment issues, you must know how to deal with it as well. Make sure to understand that such an instance is neither a good nor a bad thing and doesn’t have any significant role in CIBIL score improvement. Therefore, here are a few steps that you might consider taking if you have made an overpayment on your credit card:

  • Leave It for The Next Month

In general, you might view the overpaid amount as a negative one on your account. Do not panic seeing this negative balance as it would roll over towards the next billing cycle. If you already have some outstanding balances, then it might get adjusted with this balance. 

However, if you do not have such outstanding bills, you can leave this balance for the next month. In case you do not use it within six months, your creditor is obliged to issue a refund to your account. And if you continue making the purchases with the card, you can resolve these issues without any further action. 

  • Request A Refund

Do you want your issuer to refund the money to your source account? If you need the money as soon as possible, you might want to pen down a written request for a refund. Also, some of the issuers might process the refund requests by online platform or phone as well. It depends on your credit card issuer and their work policies. 

Request A Refund

However, in general, the regulations would allow these requests to process through at least seven business working days after the request. Also, you need to select the mode of payment for the refund. 

You can get it in the form of cash, direct deposit, or checks as well. But make sure to follow up with these requests if you do not receive the refund amount within the deadline. It might not have any equivalent role for your CIBIL improvement, but you must be careful about such transactions in the future.  

  • Autopay

If you want to avoid such issues, you need to know about the potential ways to minimise such hassles. One of the best ways to do so is by enabling autopay on the credit card bill. It is a feature that is prevalently used by many users across the global platform. It is an advanced feature that will set up an automatic payment from your account to pay the bills at the stipulated time as per your choices.


But what if the autopay doesn’t cover the entire credit card bill? Well, in that case, you can set the autopay for a minimum amount and pay the rest of the bill at your convenience. You might also select a date for such payments for each month. But to avoid any confusion later, you need to be quite clear about the specific autopay options available for your credit card bill. 

Apart from these tips, every user must stay updated about the account balance and all future payment schedules. It can help you to avoid any unforeseen circumstances related to your credit card bills. And it can also help you avoid such overpayment issues if you manage to keep a close tab on missed payments and your billing cycle. 

Final Thoughts

Therefore, you now know that overpaying your credit card doesn’t directly impact the credit score. However, in many cases, you might suffer from a lower credit score. And in such cases, you might face a lot of financial troubles to procure loans as well. If you are stuck with such a bad score, you need to find the best CIBIL score repair agency for you.

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