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Credit Card

Credit Card is an Unsecured lending product issued by Banks and NBFCs in India. It is traditionally a plastic, or a metal-based card rectangular shaped and issued in the name of a card holder. A customer is assigned a credit limit based on his or her credit profile and income profile. This is also known as revolving credit line. Usually, customer gets a free credit period of up to 45 days to pay his dues by the due date however the customer has the option to pay just 5% of the total due unlike Charge Card where a customer would be obligated to pay the entire outstanding by the due date

In India the credit card operates on Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and RuPay network.

Interest Rates

Interest rates on Credit Card ranges between 3.35% to 3.50% per month which is 40.2% to 40% annually The interest rate on a Credit Card varies from one bank to another bank and even NBFCs.


The documentation for applying a Credit Card is minimal just a few details and the Credit Card is approved as per your eligibility. Post Covid 19 most of the banks collect details by doing online Video KYC Checks. It becomes very important to keep your KYCs updated


To become eligible, one must be 21 years and above with minimum 6 months of work history in current organization, a minimum net salary of INR 20000 per month and a credit score of 750 Plus. One can also become an addon credit card holder or a supplementary credit card holder if the primary card holder authorizes the credit card issuing company to extend the credit to his or her immediate family member.

Credit Limit

The credit limit is calculated by as per the credit card issuing companies underwriting policy. Credit Limit between a Primary Credit Card holder and secondary credit card holder would have mutually exclusive limit, or they could also share the same credit limit.


When can I apply for a Credit Card?

You can apply for a Credit Card any time after you would cross 21 years and would have been working in an organization for a minimum 6 months.

What kind of collateral, security, or guarantor is required?

One does not need guarantor for issuing a credit card however one can apply for a secured credit card which will be issued against a Fixed Deposit.

With my low credit score, can I get a Credit Card?

A good credit score is crucial. However, this should not prevent you from applying for a Credit Card. In order to qualify for Credit Card, you must have a good repayment track.

Can I get a Credit Card with a low credit score?

If you need a Credit Card and have a low credit score, you can create an Fixed deposit with a bank and ask them to issue a credit card against the Fixed Deposit.

How can I apply for a Credit Card?

We make it easy for you to apply for a Credit Card. Easy, fast, and free! Fill out a short form. and you're good to go. That's how we know you'd like to speak with us. One of our representatives will contact you shortly!