What’s Better for a Low-Credit Auto Loan: a Bank, or an NBFC?

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These days, it is extremely simple to purchase any product on the market. Just like when you go into an appliance store, decide what you want, and the shopkeeper will give you a variety of financial options to get the product. The same is true for automobiles; purchasing a vehicle is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. You must conduct extensive research before narrowing down your options for a vehicle. After you’ve narrowed down your car options, you’ll need to look into the auto loan options on the market. Examine their processing fees, auto loan interest rates, and so on. In terms of interest rates, HDFC car loan interest rates are the best in the market.

What would you do if you had recently missed a couple of credit card payments and were certain that your credit score would suffer as a result? Do you abandon your original plan to get the car? Do you intend to put down a large sum of money? Is it worthwhile to make a large down payment?

The correct answer is that when it comes to auto loans, you have a lot more options than with other types of loans. The reason for this is that a car loan is a type of secured loan. Until you repay your loan, your car serves as collateral for the bank. Various banks and non-banking financial institutions will gladly finance your car loan. Various banks and non-banking financial institutions will gladly finance your car loan. The main question here is who you would choose to finance the car loan with.

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Let’s see which is better: a bank or an NBFC.


When you apply for a car loan at a bank, you will be subjected to a stringent verification process. When it comes to loan processing, banks are quite adamant. The loan process may take weeks to complete because they have a lengthy checklist to complete before they can process their loan. If your credit score is low, you will have to process a loan with high processing fees and higher interest rates than other market standards. There are some advantages to taking out a bank loan, such as receiving an overdraft facility upfront if your payment patterns are excellent. In addition, your bank may have a pre-approved loan for you towards your account, which can get you a loan in no time at all.

Non-banking financial companies 

When you enter the car loan market, you will discover that there are numerous NBFC options available to you that can provide you with a loan. Some car manufacturers have their own financial institutions that offer car loans for their own brands at a much lower interest rate. There are numerous advantages to obtaining a vehicle loan from an NBFC rather than a bank. Even if you have a low cibil score(credit score checking free), NBFCs will gladly finance your vehicle. If you are specifically looking for a used car, the best option is to take out a loan from an NBFC. The processing time to disburse a loan is shorter than that of other banks. When it comes to wooing a customer and convincing them to buy their financial product, NBFCs take a competitive approach. When it comes to loan processing, NBFCs have fewer rules and regulations than banks, giving them an advantage.

The bottom line is that they both have advantages and disadvantages. When you decide to buy a car, do extensive research on your financing options, and shortlist the best option available to you. cibil score in free to check take an auto loan.